Ideal Quilting, 1921

From the November 3, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

An Ideal Quilting.

Wednesday being one of the most beautiful days of autumn, an enjoyable day was spent with Misses Laura and Florence Gaddy, and Mammie Newlon, tacking and quilting comforts. Three comforts were tied, 2 quilts finished and another partly quilted. Fifty persons were present and partook of the most excellent dinner served cafeteria style.

Those present were: Misses Mary Hughes, Hattie Linville, Rinda Linville; Mesdames Dora Linville, Dora Clark, Ethel Shipp, Alma Parsons and son Thomas Sterling, Nora Lowrance, Ed Lowrance, Birdie McGinness and daughter Leora, Goldie McGinness and daughter Lola Mae, May Logan, Lillie Winger, Alfred and son Morris, Laura Twaddle and daughter Philis Gene, Edith Bird, Mary Smith, Katherine Shull, Lula Shull and son Donald Dean, John Lowrance, Rinda Frost, Aline Groves, Ruby Groves, Dallae Groves, Bell Hutchison, Daisy Lowrance, Stevenson, Croy, Verda Lowrance, Mary Lowrance, Susan Holiday, Clay Holliday, Herring and daughter Audra, Mrs. Harriett Wright, Misses Gladys Neifer and Alice Zinkey, Mr. and Mrs. Thorn Aclin and son Darvis Vern. An invitation to another quilting was given for next week at the home of Mrs. Birdie McGinness.

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