Ice Men Busy, 1914

Join us in feeling grateful for central heating, ice cube trays, and springtime, won’t you? From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), February 12, 1914, page 8:

Ice Men Busy Gathering Crop.

With the blizzard that swept down on this part of the country Thursday night and Friday, the thermometer dropped to 12 degrees below zero, and ice has formed on the rivers and lakes from four to seven inches thick. This is the first ice we have had this winter and the ice men are busy gathering their crop.

Although the weather man promises a continuance of this cold snap for several days, but for fear he will neglect his duty and Mr. Groundhog get off his job, the ice man proposes to take no chances and is “making hay while the sun shines” or rather cutting ice when he can. Four to seven inch ice is not as thick as desired, but it will freeze cream and cool lemonade and pop and that beats none all hollow.

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