Ice Harvest is On

Skidmore, Missouri ice harvest. Photo by G. C. Ashbrook, before 1924.
Photograph by G. C. Ashbrook

From the February 8, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1, in the days when ice in your iced tea took a lot more work than just walking to the kitchen:

The Ice Harvest is On.

The ice men are working full hours this week and are getting a very fine quality of ice. It is from 9 to 13 inches thick and is as clear as crystal. B. Carr, the meat-market man, finished filling his house yesterday. He has up about 80 tons. C. W. Yetter has his house filled and J. T. Tate has a large force at work filling his house on the river’s bank. He intends to put up about 600 tons. B. E. Wood and A. Pinkston have their houses filled. Altogether, from present prospects, it would seem that Skidmore people are in no danger of having an ice famine next summer. Ice tea and ice cream will be as popular as ever.

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