Howdens Slam the Door, 1908

News of a rescue, as published in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), June 4, 1908, page 1:

Self-made Prisoners.
As all Kodak operators know, unless a developing box is used, it is necessary to go into a dark place, and by the rays of a lamp filtered through a red glass, to see how to develop their negatives.

Willie Howden and sisters, Minta and Babe, prepared to do some of this work Monday and used for their dark room a closet in their home. Upon entering, the door was closed with force sufficient to lock the door and break the bolt in such a manner as to make it impossible to turn it back so that the door might be opened.

It was necessary for Mr. Howden to secure the services of a carpenter before the door could be opened and the self-made prisoners liberated.
Moral: Don’t slam the door.

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