Howden Halloween, 1907

The Howden girls made frequent appearances in Skidmore, Missouri social news in the early part of the last century. Here’s a report from the November 7, 1907 Skidmore New Era:

Hallowe’en Social.

The members of the Christian endeavor were entertained at the home of the Misses Minta and Emma Howden last Thursday evening in regular Hallowe’en style.

When the guests arrived they were received at the door by a ghost, who by motioning, directed them into a room where another ghost showed them the way up stairs, where in the hall they were taken in charge by still another ghost, who directed them to a room where their wraps were removed.

All kinds of spooky things greeted the guest in one room where he or she was left alone for a short time. A skull and other awe-inspiring sights greeted the eve in this dimly lighted room.

Upon returning to the lower floor the guests entered the parlors, which were dimly lighted with jack o’lanterns, and there engaged in games appropriate to the occasion.

A visit was also made to the cellar, where an old witch presided at a kettle from which she gave each a love potion, and assured each one that any wish he might make would come true.

A very pleasant evening was enjoyed by those present.

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