We celebrate the hearts and flowers of Valentines Day and warm the cold light of February by recalling weddings from years past.  Today’s comes from the Skidmore New Era, January 15, 1914, page 9:


The Misses Minta and Emma Howden entertained about thirty-five of the young people of Skidmore Saturday afternoon from two to four o’clock.  The guests had all arrived and all were enjoying themselves in social conversation when Rollo, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Howden, came rushing into the room bearing in his hand a telegram addressed to Miss Edith Porter.

No one ever receives a telegram without experiencing some emotional sensation and the suspense is never quite relieved until the full contents of the little yellow sheet is read, and this one was no exception to the rule.  Not only was the one to whom the telegram was addressed a little nervous, but all the guests were anxiously excited.  Much silent speculation was going on in the minds of those present.  All were prepared for almost any kind of a surprise, but it is generally the unexpected that happens, and in this case the surprise was complete, even Miss Edith Porter, to whom the telegram was addressed, was completely surprised.

After glancing over the contents of the telegram and as soon as she could get her breath she red as follows:

“To Those Present:  Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Howden announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Emma Gloraine Howden, to Mr. Howard W. Garrett, on February 15, 1914.”

After congratulations to Miss Emma (and condolence to Miss Minta, the eldest sister) by the guests the bride to be exhibited plans and specifications for a modern little six room cottage soon to be built in Clearmont, by the fortunate young man, Mr. Garrett.

The betrothed are both well known young people of Nodaway county, Miss Howden is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Howden of Skidmore, and Mr. Garrett is the son of A. H. Garrett, a pioneer lumberman of Clearmont and one of the best known citizens of that part of the country.

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