Household Hints, 1901

We can all use household hints.  Here are a few helpful (and potentially dangerous, so don’t try these at home) ones from the June 28, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

Household Hints

A cloth saturated with coal oil will clean the rollers of your ringer to perfection.

A novel sofa pillow is made by copying a Gibson picture on white linen with indelible ink.

Those who relish salad should try planting endive a little later in the season.  It is excellent when properly bleached.

Before putting cookies in the oven brush them over with sweet milk.  The same with pies.  It improves them wonderfully.

White gloves are as cheap as any when properly cared for.  They can be cleaned repeatedly with gasoline.  Wash them thoroughly in it and wipe dry while on the hand.

Here is something that will save your temper.  When you are winding up your clothes line and it “kinks” transfer the ball to the other hand.  You will wonder why you never thought of it before.

Raising Belgian hares seems to have lost none of its popularity and in many cases young people have made goodly sums at it.  They are easier to handle than the ordinary rabbit and meet with a ready sale.

The next time you paper a small room try having the wall and ceiling the same.  The effect is novel and beautiful when the curtains harmonize.

Young ladies who are preparing themselves for teaching should bear in mind that one of the principal requisites in the cities is in drawing.  This can be learned at home and is oftimes neglected in the normal schools.

A tiny scrubbing or vegetable brush is almost indispensable for potatoes, turnips, carrots, etc., as the dirt can be removed much more quickly and effectively with a brush than simply by washing in water and the vegetables being so much cleaner from the scrubbing, will not be nearly so apt to discolor the hands.

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