Hot Biscuits and Honey at Manchester & Dodds

Ad for biscuits and honey to be served at the Manchester & Dodds store of Skidmore, Missouri in June 1921. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for Manchester & Dodds of Skidmore, Missouri in the Skidmore News, June 9, 1921, page 4.

Ad reads, “Hot biscuits and honey served from 2 to 4 p.m., Wednesday, June 15th. They’re free and baked in a New Perfection Oven on a New Perfection Oil Cook Stove. A special demonstration will be conducted at our store by Mr. Ralph, a representative direct from the factory at Cleveland. We cordially invite you to attend if you contemplate getting an oil stove — if you would like to know more about your present oil stove — or whether you contemplate buying at all. Come and spend the afternoon with us. This is the famous Long Blue Chimney burner New Perfection Stove, known the world over. There are three million housewives using it every day. Be sure to come in and learn more about the comfort and convenience and efficiency of the New Perfection Oil Cook Stove. Manchester & Dodds, Skidmore, Missouri.”

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