Horse Thief (Again)

Neighbor T. P. Moorhead is a victim of crime in 1901.  From the December 6 edition, page 1:

Another Case of Horse Thief.

T. P. Moorhead’s Mare Taken from Stable.

Thursday morning a little after seven o’clock, T. P. Moorhead went to his stable to feed and care for his driving mare and found the animal gone.  There was no way for the mare to get out of the stable unless she was turned out, but Mr. Moorhead tried to persuade himself that she was not stolen, and that she had strayed back to her former home in Centenary neighborhood.  He sent his son, Erwin, up there but no trace of the mare could be found.  Then he had cards printed describing the animal and offering a liberal reward for her return.

The mare is bay in color with white on forehead, about 16 hands high, weighs about 1,250 pounds, has a wire cut on right hind foot, shows Clydesdale points and is in good flesh.

The snowfall of Wednesday night covered all tracks and there is no clue, whatever, to the identity of the thief or the direction taken.  It is perfectly exasperating and but little short of bewildering to the citizens of this little city when they think of the robberies that have occurred here, within the past few years, in which horses, a buggy, wagon, harness and other things have been taken; and in every instance the thief or thieves have made good their escape as easily as those of a generation ago when the telegraph and telephone were about as scarce as 50-bushels-per-acre cornfields are at present.

The Standard joins all good citizens in hoping that Mr. Moorhead may recover his mare and that the thief may be brought to justice.

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