Hoblitzell for Farm Insurance, 1921

Business advice from W. H. Hoblitzell in the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), February 3, 1921, page 4:

Advertisement for the W. H. Hoblitzell insurance agency is illustrated with sketches of grain and corn.  Text follows.
Skidmore News, Feb. 3, 1921, p. 4.

The ad reads, “Notice to Farmers. This agency is now ready to give farmers a form of insurance to cover almost every risk a farmer takes. Policies will be written in an insurance company that we can guarantee for reliability, standing and sound indemnity. You are continually exposed to loss. Get paid for such loss. Insurance that is written will be provided. Your interests will be looked out for. Settlements and adjustments will be sure and prompt. This is the first of eight advertisements that will tell you how to make every branch of farming pay. Read advertisements which follow. W. H. Hoblitzell, Agency.”

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