Hi Montgomery’s Cautionary Tale

For those about to participate in Missouri’s duck hunting season, we offer this cautionary tale from the June 9, 1899 Skidmore Standard. Actually, on second thought, pay no attention – we prefer our ducks alive and well.

Hi Montgomery, cashier of the Farmers Bank, is a sportsman of considerable experience as he usually takes a hunting and fishing trip once or twice a year; but several years ago, when he was younger in experience as well as years, he was hunting ducks on the lakes and river south of here and committed an act that could not be termed really sportsmanlike.

He and a companion had driven several miles to find good duck shooting. When they came in sight of the water they saw a nice flock of ducks calmly floating around quite a little distance further on and that by making a big circuit and doing considerable crawling they could probably get a shot. This they concluded to do and proceeded at once. They walked and crawled and crawled and walked through the grass and weeds until opposite the ducks. All was ready and the word to fire was given. Bang, bang, went the loads to both guns into the midst of the big ducks, knocking them in every direction. Just then an old man raised up from his “hide” and yelled: “What in h–l are you fellows doing; can’t you tell wooden ducks when you see them?” The boys had shot into his decoys.

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