Hat Trouble

It just goes to show that many troubles can be solved with a little patience.  As told by the Skidmore Standard, April 27, 1900 on page 1:

This Man Had Troubles.

One week ago today some Skidmore parties went to Maryville to spend the day.  They took dinner at one of the hotels and after the meal was finished, one of the gentlemen went to the rack to get his hat.  He found there two hats, exactly alike in size, shape, make, color, and apparently, age.  One of them was his, but which one?  The puzzling question was beyond his solution, for be it known that the hat which he wore on this day was his head adornment for special occasions, and special occasions in his case are not of as frequent occurrence as Sunday; so he wasn’t thoroughly acquainted with his own hat.

He did not want to take one, although his chances were even, and risk getting his own hat; because so long as the hat might wear he would never be certain that it was his own.

There was only one way out of the dilemma — that was to leave it to the other fellow.  And that is just what he did.  Taking a chair, he waited until the man who owned the hat just like his came out and took one, then he took the other.

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