Hardware on the Move

Just Across the Street.  We have moved our stock of Hardware, Harness, etc., into the building across the street from our old stand.  We are not fixed ship-shape yet, but we invite you to call and see us in our new quarters whether you wish to buy or not.  Manchester & Gill.
Business news from the August 31, 1900 Skidmore Standard.
Harness and Hardware. Whips, saddles, sweat pads, fly nets, dusters, bridles, halters, and everything in harness. Gasoline stoves, cook stoves, Delft ware, Granite ware, cutlery and plated ware, screen doors, wire fencing, poultry netting, haying tools, etc. Manchester & Dodds.
From the July 13, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 2.

Business news from the August 31, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Hardware Moved.

Finding the building which they occupied too small for their needs, Manchester & Gill, hardware dealers, moved their stock this week into the Mrs. A. W. Sewell building on the opposite side of the street to their old stand. The building which they now occupy was cleaned and nicely papered just before they moved into it. Their new quarters, when everything is arranged, will prove much more satisfactory than the room which they left, as they now have more room and light which will enable them to display their stock to a much better advantage.

The building vacated, will be converted into a millinery store by Miss Minnie Wheeler, of Tarkio, who will be here in a few days to begin business.

More new business was springing up, and the same edition reported the following:

New Confectionery.

H. E. Burnam is busily engaged, opening up and arranging his stock of confectionery in the Dr. J. M. Hutt building which corners on Elm and Walnut streets. By tomorrow he will have the work complete. His family occupies the rooms at the rear of the building.

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