Happy Birthday, Skidmore

The years march forward, and we all grow older.  In 1899, Skidmore was looking toward the dawn of a new century and feeling the young, vibrant energy we all did when we were a mere twenty years old.  As often happened in that town at that time, someone proposed a party to celebrate.  From the July 7, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Twenty years ago, the 29th of July, the original village of Skidmore was laid out in town lots and the town’s birth was witnessed.  Since that time, although scourged by several destructive fires, the village has enjoyed a steady, healthy growth, until it has now assumed the proportions of a prosperous town.  Expecially, within the past few years, the growth has been encouraging, and as the 29th inst. is the town’s twentieth birthday, it has been proposed that we celebrate the occasion in an appropriate manner.

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