Happy Birthday, Mary Esther Loucks

From the Skidmore News, March 3, 1921, page 1:

Gave Birthday Party.
Mrs. Mark Loucks gave a birthday party Thursday afternoon, February 17, for her daughter, Mary Esther. The guests were the pupils of the fifth and sixth grades.

The following report of the party was written by one of the guests:
Last Thursday being Mary Esther’s birthday, her mother gave a birthday party for her. She invited all the pupils in our room. After school that evening we went up to Mr. Loucks’.

We spent the evening in playing games. We played some games in the house and then we went out of doors and played. We had a very good time playing games.

Then Mrs. Loucks called us in to lunch, and she had a large birthday cake with candles on it for as many years as Mary Esther was old. She called us all in so we could see it. Then she told us that there was a ring, a thimble, and a penny in it. The one that got the ring was going to get married first, the one that got the thimble was going to work hard, and the one who got the penny was going to be rich. Harold King got the ring and thimble, and Katherine Gray got the penny. After a very good lunch we went home.

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