Hambaugh Buys Maitland Herald, 1921

From the May 12, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1, we bring you news of a different newspaper:

Maitland Herald Changes Hands.
The Maitland Herald has changed hands again, having been purchased several days ago by W. H. Hambaugh of Craig. The issue of last week was published under Mr. Hambaugh’s direction, although he was unable to be on the job himself except for a couple of days.

Mr. Hambaugh is post master at Craig at the present time, but will probably resign soon and move to Maitland. Mr. Hambaugh has had many years of experience in the newspaper business and will doubtless give Maitland a good paper.

This is the second time the Herald has changed hands recently, S. J. Richardson, of whom Mr. Hambaugh bought it, only having been its owner for a few months.

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