Halls Visit Skidmore Through the Mud, 1908

Transportation and travel news from the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Through Mud and Water
Our citizens were somewhat surprised Wednesday of last week to see a touring car come into town from the south, after crossing the bottom while water covered the grade to such a depth that in places, it was over the run boards at the sides of the car. The car was driven by Guy Hall, who was accompanied by his brother, Nick Hall, and David Kennard. They were on their road home from Tarkio to St. Joseph and had made the twenty-eight miles between here and Tarkio, over very muddy roads, which, in places, were covered with water, in about three hours.

The trip was being made in a “Dorris” thirty horse power touring car, and while the machine was well covered with mud it could be seen that it was a well built, fine looking vehicle when free from its covering of soil.

After a lunch here the trio continued on their way to St. Joseph, going down the east side of the Nodaway.

If you’re new to the Dorris motor car (as we were), you can learn more about it via Wikipedia.

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