Great is the Missouri Hen

From the November 19, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 6:

The Missouri Hen.
The great state of Missouri is rich in hogs, cattle and grain. The mention of any of these three items of industry makes every Missourian’s breast swell with pride. But did you know that the Missouri hen is one of the greatest producers of wealth in our great state?

The surplus poultry product outranks all other farm products and reached the enormous sum last year of nearly $45,000,000, making the stupendous gain of $5,000,000 in one year alone. Think of it! This is a sum of money sufficient to buy at $70 an acre every foot of land in Monroe and Green townships and have a nice little “nest egg” of $27,200 left.
Great is the Missouri hen. It ought to be the emblem on our dollars.

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