Grand Balloon Ascension

The Skidmore Standard arranged with Prof. Cooper Sampson to hold a balloon ascension and parachute jump to celebrate the start of its fifth year.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the paper published large ads and small in-page reminders, like “Bring your wives and children to see Prof. Cooper Sampson make his balloon ascension and parachute leap Saturday, Apr. 29.” and “The little ones have hardly been to town all winter.  It will be a good time to bring them to town on the 29 of April and see the Balloon Ascension.”

The event was free for all, and the paper did its best over the weeks leading up to April 29 to build its readers anticipation.

The Standard has made arrangements for a Grand Balloon Ascension and parachute leap by Prof. Cooper Sampson, the daring aeronaut. Saturday, April 29, 1899, Skidmore, Mo.
Ad from the April 7, 1899 Skidmore Standard

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