Good to Live Among Such People

Good fences may make good neighbors, but good neighbors make the best communities.  From the December 7, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

The good old-time days of the husking bee, the wood chopping bee, the quilting bee and various other “bees” are practically past. They have given way to the rushing, crushing, hurry-skurry, helter-skelter age of today, when it’s every fellow for himself and Old Nick take the hinder most. But occasionally when a good and deserving man has more trouble than his share of troubles, we see the old-time neighborly spirit manifested; and the good which is accomplished on such occasions not only warms the hearts of the participants, and makes happy the man of troubles, but even those who hear about it are made to feel better for the kindness which has been done to a fellowman.

Yesterday morning Mr. John Mast’s friends and neighbors drove into his corn field with about a dozen teams and wagons and began husking the golden ears. When this is completed, the plans are arranged to haul up enough wood to last through the winter and have it sawed into stove lengths. Mr. Mast who is so crippled up with rheumatism that he has to walk on crutches, will then be enabled to get through the cold season very nicely. It is good to live among such people.

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