Good Showing – Punkin Show, 1903

“Have all the (innocent) fun you want” was the plan. ¬†Looks like the 1903 Skidmore Punkin Show was well on its way to success.¬†From the September 29, 1903 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Good Showing.
With Fair Weather, Skidmore Will Have Big Crowds This Week.

Judging from all appearances at the present writing, the Punkin Show this year will out-do all previous records. Everyone is falling in with the “get busy” plan and by this evening and in the morning the ball will be rolling proper.

Owing to the fact that the work of decorating was not begun until yesterday, some will not have their stores decorated as was their intention but as it is there are some very pretty show windows — in fact they out-do any we have seen in our neighboring towns.

That there will be plenty of shows to amuse the crowds is evident from the fact that all the main streets are almost filled with various shows as are customary on occasions of this kind.

That the Punkin Show will be successful is plain to be seen. It has started off on the right foot and with a few finishing touches here and there everything will be in readiness for one of the biggest and best times that ever happened in a small town.

You can turn loose and have all the fun — innocent fun — that you want, but when you step over the line of boisterousness and wickedness, there will be someone around that will start you on the right road again. So have all the fun you want etc.

Yesterday morning the committee on amusements secured Bennett & Price, The Flying Baldwins, for a free street attraction, owing to the fact that one of the other free attractions was unable to be with us.

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