Good Old Days

With election season upon us, someone will no doubt try to remind us of the good old days.  You know, the ones where we lived in Missouri in late July without air conditioning.  Or electricity.  Those good old days.

To help us appreciate what we have today, we bring you the Skidmore New Era, quoting the Maitland Herald on July 22, 1915:

24 Hour Service
The last few days Maitland people have been enjoying one of the greatest conveniences of modern times, it is electricity for twenty-four hours everyday.

The current has been off for a few minutes some days and will probably be until all of the line work is satisfactorily completed but that will only be a short time as the Mound City people say they have only a very little more adjusting and Bohart’s work will take about as much time.

The weather has caused much delay in the completion, and other mishaps causing poles to be damaged sets the work back a great deal.  – Maitland Herald

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