God Will Know

For heaven’s sake, pay your newspaper subscription in a timely manner. This warning is brought to us by the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), February 6, 1908, page 8:

Some are glad of the new law compelling editors to discontinue their papers when their time is several years behind. Is that right or not? The fellow that we know who has not paid for more than ten years will not get another paper so cheap, perhaps for many years, but should the editor not have his money for the back subscription? Yes, it is his just as much as any and should be paid. Just the same as if one owed a merchant a debt. If this fellow don’t pay for it here perhaps he may hereafter when he comes up before St. Peter. The editor may be there and try to show the good side of the fellow just like they do here, but I am afraid God will know.

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