Getting Your Name in the Paper, 1921

Sometimes the small-town newspaper editor must struggle to find news to report, and sometimes the editor must struggle to get subscribers to renew. The Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri) put those two problems together and solved them both with the following article on the front page of the February 17, 1921 edition:

News Receives Many Renewals.
Renewals Being Received Daily — New Names Added to the List Frequently.

Many of those whose subscriptions expired during January and February have renewed recently, and a few new names have been added to the list.
Only a very few subscriptions have been discontinued; but there are still some in arrears, and unless they renew soon their papers must be stopped.

The following subscriptions have been paid within the last week:
Mrs. Susan Bagby
Mrs. Mabel Newlon
B. E. Wood
H. T. Barrett
Mrs. J. C. Botkin
Fred M. Barrett
Joe Tyson
R. L. Adams
Albert Morton, Quitman
C. E. Owens for himself; A. M. Owens, Farmland, Ind.; and Ruth A. Owens, Winchester, Ind., (new)
J. E. James, Maryville, also for F. S. James, Torrington, Wyo.
Jesse Colwell, Stanton, Neb.

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