Getting ahead in advertising

We thought this sort of thing was strictly a modern gimmick, but not so, says the Skidmore Standard, May 25, 1900, page 2:

The following is taken from the Queen City Leader and we print it specially for Messrs W. J. Berry and John Barkley: “There is a business firm that is advertising good jobs and good salaries to bald headed men, that are respectable, well dressed sober gentlemen. They want to paint their advertisements on their heads in a manner that will not affect their health. They want to employ them for three months for which they will pay high salaries. They will be expected to occupy seats at the theaters, restaurants and public places, and will be given the protection of a private detective to prevent annoyance. We have a number of bald heads in Queen City that would like to have a job of this kind. All they have to do, is when they go to the theater, or hotel or other public places, is to take off their hats, when the advertisement can be read by all that see them.”

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