Get away this winter

Travel advice from G. L. Owen and the Burlington Route, as printed in the December 14, 1916 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Article titled "Get Away This Winter," from 1921. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore News, December 14, 1916, p. 5

Get Away This Winter
Pack your grip, tell the folks good-bye, go down to the depot, buy a ticket to California — that great Out-o-doors land, which rests the weary and refreshes the weak — via the Burlington Route (the moving picture way through scenic Colorado and Salt Lake in daylight). Climb aboard, lean back, relax and watch America roll past your window.

Getting away from the cold, bad weather, business responsibilities, care and worry, and out into the glorious sunshine and semi-tropical atmosphere of California where you can rest, change and rejuvenate, will do you a world of good.

You’ll be surprised when you compare the cost with the cost of remaining at home. Think what this will mean to you, when you remember that a life which isn’t pleasantly spent isn’t well spent. Before completing your plans let me explain how you may join a Burlington Personally-conducted Excursion (costs no more — just a part of Burlington service0 and send you a folder telling you all about the trip — worth reading even if you don’t go.

G. L. Owen Ticket Agent, Burlington Route.

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