Game on the Menu

Meal planning can be difficult, especially when you have to catch your own dinner.  We bring you the following culinary news from the May 11, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Hunting Feast.

Three of our local sportsmen, John Ashbrook, Michael Freece and Frank Manchester dined sumptuously, Wednesday, on the contents of their game bag after a half day’s hunt. Michael did the cooking and the meal was served at the restaurant de Shultz.

There is nothing strange about the boys doing their own cooking – for they are all bachelors, but the peculiarity of this dinner was in the great variety of flesh which composed it. There were no less than six dishes and each one contained the savory flesh of some of the following: Marsh wren, duck, snipe, woodpecker, meadow lark and frog legs.

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