Fun Night at the Royal, 1921

If we were in Skidmore today in 1921, we could see Buster Keaton at the Royal. Here’s the advertisement from the April 7, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Ad for a 2-reel Buster Keaton movie in Skidmore, Missouri, 1921. Text follows.
Skidmore News, April 7, 1921, p. 5

Advertisement reads, “Fun Night. Saturday Night April 9th. Buster Keaton in a two-reel, side-splitting comedy entitled “One Week.” He’d bring a smile to a wooden image. Broke loose in a museum, he’d tickle the mummies to life again. And — Taylor Holmes in the sensational New York Farce Comedy success, “The Very Idea.” Shows how careful children must be in selecting their parents. A snappy comedy of Dietetics, Athletics and Eugenics with plenty of laugh. Saturday Night April 9. 15 and 25 cents. The Royal.”

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