Free Flowers for the Ladies

We’d like to see businesses bring back promotions like this one announced in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), March 24, 1910:

A Treat for the Ladies.

The ladies of Skidmore and vicinity have before them a pleasant competition of flower growing.

The Model Drug Co. has just received 15,000 sweet pea seeds from Reiger, the California perfumer, which are to be given free to ladies. These seeds will produced beautiful varieties of California sweet peas during the next three months.

The Model Drug Co. will offer a prize to the lady who grows the first flower; another to the lady who brings in the largest bouquet on July 15, and still another to the one whose bouquet contains the greatest variety of colors.

Every lady is welcome to enter the competition. Come in, beginning Friday morning, register and get a free package of seeds.

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