Frank Goslee’s Stock Sale, 1917

Frank Goslee of Skidmore, Missouri held a stock sale on December 18, 1917. We would have attended simply for the lunch served by the ladies of the Skidmore M. E. Church. Here’s the advertisement from the Skidmore News’ December 6, 1917 edition, page 6:

Ad for a public stock sale by Frank Goslee in Skidmore, Missouri in 1917. Text of ad follows.
Frank Goslee public sale, Skidmore News, December 6, 1917, page 6.

Advertisement reads, “Public Stock Sale. Having a surplus of stock, I will sell at public auction, at my father’s farm, located 2 miles east of Skidmore, Mo. and 12 miles southwest of Maryville, Mo., commencing promptly at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1917: 122 head of horses, cattle, hogs and sheep. 7 head of horses — consisting of 1 black, coming eight year old mare with colt by side, weight about 1500 pounds, broke to work; 1 bay, extra good Belgian mare, coming four years old, safe in foal to jack and well broke, weight about 1450 pounds; 1 good, coming two year Belgian mare colt; 4 head extra good saddle bred colts, consisting of 1 bay, four year old mare; 1 bay, three year old mare; 1 bay, two year old horse; 1 bay mare, coming two years old. 70 head of cattle — consisting of 1 good, two year old Hereford bull; 25 extra good, high-grade Shorthorn cows that will bring calves in March; 10 head of two year old cows and heifers, bred; 35 head of extra good yearling heifers that are bred for May calves. The cattle are all native and most all of them are of my own raising. 35 head of good stock hogs. 30 head of sheep — consisting of 10 extra good, coming three year old Shropshire ewes, all bred, black faces. Will also offer for sale 20 head of ewe lambs, coming yearlings, Shropshire and black faces, an extra good lot. These sheep are all native stuff. Terms — Sums of $10 and under cash. On sums over $10 a credit of 6 or 8 months will be given, purchaser giving bankable note with 8 per cent interest from date of sale. No property to be removed until terms of sale are complied with. Frank Goslee. R. P. Hosmer, Auctioneer. H. W. Montgomery, Clerk. Lunch by ladies of M. E. Church.”

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