Frank Burke a Hero

From the August 10, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Runaway.

Another lively runaway occurred in the business portion of town Saturday afternoon.  Lyle’s draw team, while standing at Havner’s mill became frightened at some meal sacks which fell under one of the horses, and both animals started to run.

They turned west into Elm street near the depot and dashed up the grade at a fierce run.  Frank Burke, a young farmer, ran out into the street and caught the reins of the near horse and exerted his strength so effectually that both horses were thrown back on their haunches.  The stop was so sudden that the harness was broken in one or two places.

The runaways were stopped in the niche of time, for in another instant they would have locked wheels with a string of buggies and carriages on the north side of the street; and had this happened, it is difficult to tell how much damage might have been done.

Mr. Burke’s timely action showed considerable courage and rare presence of mind.  In other times and places, persons have been called heroes for doing less.

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