Foster’s Spot Cash Store

It paid to advertise, and according to Mr. R. B. Foster, ads could work greater wonders than a businessman might expect. ┬áHere’s to paying 20 per cent less while getting 20 per cent more for one’s produce.

Ad for the Spot Cash Store, 1900. Text follows.
From the September 28, 1900 Skidmore Standard.

Ad reads, “Spot Cash Store. Our ad last week worked greater wonders for the people of Skidmore and vicinity than we expected. They are buying goods at 20 per cent less than before the Spot Cash system was started and the farmer is getting 20 per cent more for his produce. Our prices, compared with what you were paying before we opened the Spot Cash Store, will prove the above statement. Spot Cash system is the only plan whereby you get what you pay for and do not have to pay other people’s debts. We have no bad accounts to “even up” on. Come in and get our prices. If you want to know the purchasing price of a dollar, keep your eye on this space and come and see us. Yours for business, Foster & Co.”

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