Fords Collide – Mud to Blame

Be careful out there, Nodaway County drivers! From the September 15, 1921 Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri, page 1:

Two Fords in Collision Early Sunday Evening.
Both Cars Badly Damaged But None of Occupants Injured.
Mud Was to Blame.

Two Ford cars collided at the corner near the J. I. Jones home just east of town last Sunday evening about 7:30 o’clock. Both cars were badly damaged, but none of the occupants were seriously injured.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Ward Stevenson and baby were going east when they met Harold Hait, Charley Gillahan and Homer Beverlin coming toward town. The road was rather slick outside of the beaten track, and Mr. Stevenson apparently did not intend to turn out until he came near the other car. The boys thought he was not going to give any of the road, and thinking there was more room on the left-hand side of the road, they turned out on that side. But just as they turned out, Mr. Stevenson also turned, and of course turned to his right. Then, naturally, seeing what was about to happen, each driver started to turn to the other side, with the results previously stated.

The Stevenson baby was thrown from the car, but was not seriously hurt. The car occupied by the three boys was turned completely around, and Charley Gillahan was thrown out but not hurt. Each car lost a fender, the Stevenson car had a wheel broken and the other had the windshield broken.

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