For Three Beers a Day

Temperance news from the August 9, 1906 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Three Beers a Day.
Two or three years ago a western merchant did some figuring as to the cost of beer. He inserted it in a local paper as a paid advertisement and it excited so much interest that it was sent as a special telegram to a Chicago newspaper. It was as follows:
“Look at this: Three beers a day for a year, would bring into your home one barrel of flour, 50 pounds of sugar, 12 pounds of corn starch, 10 pounds of macaroni, 10 quarts of beans, four 12 pound hams, one bushel of sweet potatoes, 10 pounds of rice, 20 pounds of crackers, 100 bars of soap, three 12 pound turkeys, 5 quarts of cranberries, 10 bunches of celery, 10 pounds of prunes, four dozen oranges and good beefsteaks.”

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