For Every Obstacle a Remedy

Philosophy from the March 5, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

For Every Obstacle a Remedy.

Some time ago submarine boats were pronounced a failure because the lives of sailors aboard could not be made safe. A mechanism has been invented which now makes these lives safe.

It was once said that coal mining would have to be abandoned for the lack of safety lamps. The lamps were invented.

Business men would not make voyages in the olden days because they were too long — eighty or ninety days. The Atlantic is now crossed in five and one-half days.

Early locomotives traveled so slowly that they could not earn their expenses. The modern locomotive, in a year, earns three or four times its cost.

For every obstacle there is a remedy. That is the thought to keep in mind when making the battle of life.

Because the obstacle looks big and the remedy is not immedately in sight don’t jump to the conclusion that it is not there. Search for it. Work diligently to discover it. Nine times out of ten it will be in plain sight at your feet. You will wonder why you did not see it before.

For every hill there is a valley and a plain; for every ocean there is a welcoming shore; for every tree of thorns there is one of bloom; for every sigh there is a cheering song. — Tri-City Labor Review.

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