Fix the Sidewalks

The editor of the Skidmore Standard did not hesitate to let the city know when he saw a need for improvements. When your name is Skidmore and you publish the Skidmore Standard in a town called Skidmore, Missouri, we suppose that carries some weight. From the Skidmore Standard’s August 23, 1901 edition, page 1:

A woman who sued the city of Edina, this state, for $1,500 for injuries received by a fall on a defective sidewalk was awarded $900, but that amount is calculated to give the city treasury a decidedly shrunken appearance. The city council at this place should take due notice and fix up some of their walks before they have a damage suit on their hands and be out several hundred dollars and no end of trouble. It is cheaper to fix the walks in the long run.

The sidewalks in a great many places are greatly in need of repairs – having had nothing done to them since they were put down some eighteen years ago. And there are a few places where there has never been any walks at all, yet are very much needed. Nothing speaks so well for the appearance of a town as good walks. Let us fix them up.

We also notice that at times – especially Saturdays – there are not sufficient hitch racks for the farmers to hitch their teams. This ought to have the immediate attention of the town board. If we can’t accommodate the farmers with a town well, we ought to furnish them a place to tie their teams.

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