Fine Music and All Kinds of Eatables

We bring you some delicious social news from the January 6, 1899 Skidmore Standard.  May your day be filled with all kinds of eatables gotten up by good cooks.

Ambrose Collins gave an old-fashioned turkey dinner on New Years Day in honor of his niece, Miss Sallie Ramsey.  At 10 o’clock the merry throng began to gather and were received by Miss Ramsey who hastened to welcome them.  At 1 o’clock they were invited to the dining room where a table was well filled with all kinds of eatables gotten up by several good cooks of which the crowd heartily partook.  In the afternoon some fine music was rendered by George Warren and Mattie Tarpley and others.  At a late hour they all returned to their homes.  Those present were: Charles, Roy, and Joe McDonald, Frank and Mattie Tarpley, Ora and Maggie Russell, Effie Patterson, Joe Montgomery, Will, Ben, and Nora Linville, Bart Holt, Will Holt and wife, John Linville and wife, Geo. Warren and wife, Robert McAalister and wife, and Mrs. Wm. R. Holt.  H. W. B.

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