Fifty Men Shuck Corn for Charles Officer, 1921

People from Skidmore, Missouri and the surrounding vicinity take care of each other, and they have done so since the founding of the town. Here’s just one example from 1921, as seen in the Skidmore New Era, December 22, 1921, page 1:

Fifty Men Shuck Corn for Sick Neighbor.
Neighbors Gathered 1,400 Bushels Corn for Chas. Officer Last Thursday.
Last Thursday morning, fifty men and twenty-one teams gathered at the home of Chas. Officer, 8 1/2 miles southwest of town, and gathered his corn. Mr. Officer has been sick for the past two or three months, and had been worrying a good deal because his corn was still in the field.

At 12:30 Thursday, Mr. Officer’s corn, about 1,400 bushels of it, was all in the crib and every man who had helped to gather it had enjoyed the morning’s work. C. E. Hall, one of the first men in the field, said Monday morning that he was sure each of the men felt better for having helped at the work. “I have been to a good many corn shuckings,” Mr. Hall said, “but I never saw a field of corn disappear as fast as that one did.” After the corn was all in the crib, the men and teams lined up in the yard and a picture was taken of them.

The men who did the work were: C. E. Hall, Earl Graham, Frank Crouse, Lloyd R. Metzgar, Harry Young, D. Kuntzman, Bill Stoff, Harry Bammer, Chas. Zeliff, Robert W. Barrett, G. S. Strobel, Garland Young, George Feil, Roy Munkres, Earnest Totten, Roy Roach, H. J. Holmes, Lee R. Murphy, Paul Randles, W. E. Haynes, C. W. Proud, Ben Clemmens, W. E. Moody, Walter Lutz, Dirk Rounds, George Hays, O. R. Kenady, Charles Stouffer, Frank Weston, Asa Hollenbuk, Murlin Argo, W. H. Fell, M. R. Hays, W. A. Stoff, W. A. Argo, Charley Maley, Bill Guthrie, V. A. Coston, Ervin Armstrong, Alfred Armack, W. S. Zeller, J. H. Murphy, H. R. Bayha, M. Cummings, J. F. Barber, John Wolgar, Clinton Masters, J. E. Nichols, C. W. Close, Fred Haynes.

Dinner was prepared by the following ladies: Mrs. M. Cummings, Mrs. J. E. Nichols, Mrs. Clinton Masters, Mrs. John F. Barber, Mrs. Charles Officer.

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