Farmers Bank of Skidmore, 1911

We bring you season’s greetings from The Farmers Bank of Skidmore, Missouri, as seen in the December 14, 1911 Skidmore New Era:

Ad for the Farmers Bank of Skidmore, Missouri, 1911. Text follows.
Skidmore New Era, Dec. 14, 1911.

Ad for The Farmers Bank of Skidmore, Missouri in December 1911 shows photographs of its three officers: Robert Montgomery, President, H. W. Montgomery, Cashier, and W. H. Hoblitzell, Assistant Cashier. The ad reads, “A home bank; a substantial bank and a good bank is The Farmers Bank of Skidmore. It aims to be abreast of the times and still be conservative. It merits your confidence and invites your business whether you are a depositor or a borrower.” The ad gives the financial statement for the bank as of December 5, 1911. (The text is too fuzzy to read.) The ad continues, “The Farmers Bank of Skidmore welcomes and appreciates your business whether large or small and believes our extensive resources developed by nearly twenty years of constant, considerate, conservative accommodations, a splendid endorsement of our most satisfactory service to the people of Skidmore and vicinity.”

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