Farm Life is Best, 1922

From the October 26, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8:

Missouri Women Prefer Farm.

Ninety-three per cent of the Missouri farm women who expressed themselves in a recent national survey, went on record as firm believers in the superior advantages of farm life. When the Farmer’s Wife, published at St. Paul, advertised a prize contest on the subject, “Do You Want Your Daughter to Marry a Farmer?” 7,000 farm women in the United States wrote letters in reply. Of this number 197 letters came from Missouri — three of them prize winners.

In the interest of a better understanding of the farm woman’s problems the 197 replies from Missouri were recently personally conveyed to the Missouri College of Agriculture by Miss Anna Coyle of the editorial staff of the Farmer’s Wife, and will be used by the Extension Service in assisting farm women to meet their problems and realize their ideals.

Of Missouri’s quota of answers only 13 were negative. Of the 197 Missouri replies 184 were affirmative. Concerning them Mrs. C. C. Schuttler, prominent in Missouri agricultural councils, has written:

“Theirs is an optimism not blindly buoyant, not oblivious to the trials of the past, the difficulties of the present, nor the problems of the future. The trials of the past, surmounted, have entered into their lives as strength; the difficulties of the present are whetstones to add keenness to living; the problems of the future are a challenge to an even fuller life.

“They want their daughters to marry farmers. They crave for them the privileges that have been and are theirs, and the still greater things which, with the eyes of faith and hope, they see for the country dwellers of tomorrow.”

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