F. M. Haynes for Missouri

We’re all for Missouri, and F. M. Haynes was especially so in the October 29, 1908 edition of the Skidmore New Era:

“Me for Missouri,” Says F. M. Haynes.

F. M. Haynes was exhibiting in town last week a piece of fence post which he brought back from Colorado with him as a souvenir of a western hail storm. This stick was about two inches thick, four inches wide and three feet long which he split off of a fence post standing in his field out there. The exposed side of this stick was literally pounded into a pulp, resembling very much a slice of “bell collar” steak, which a butcher had worked upon for fifteen minutes with a steak score, converting it into a nice juicy sirloin. Bud’s description of the “Great West” as a farming country would not look well in print. He was raised in this part of the country and went west last year and tried farming for one season. That done him, however, and he said “me for Missouri,” and came back here and bought 188 acres of the Charles Carr farm southeast of Maryville, paying for it $125 per acre.

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