Electro-Medical Institute

We admit to feeling a bit squeamish about this announcement from page 8 of the April 20, 1900 Skidmore Standard.  Maybe it’s the whole “ladies must be accompanied by their husbands” thing, or maybe it’s the idea of electricity as a cure-all, but we’re pretty sure we, like the medical men of the day, would also stand appalled at the “cures” produced by their system:

The Windsor Hotel

Of the Louisville Electro-Medical Institute Are Making a Tour Through.

This being an advertising trip and to introduce their new system, they will give consultation, examination and all medicine necessary to complete a cure free.  All patients taking advantage of this offer will be expected to tell their friends the result obtained by their new system of treatment.

They treat all kinds of chronic diseases and deformities.

It is seldom that a community so situated as the one in which we live has the privilege of consulting such renowned specialists who are in constant attendance to wait upon you, diagnose your case and give you the benefit of their medical knowledge.  There is no experimenting or guess work.  You will be told whether you can be cured or not.  If your case is curable they will treat you; if incurable they will give you such advice as to prolong life.  They cure deafness by an entirely new method.  Catarrh in all its varied forms cured so it will never return by breaking up the cold catching tendency.

If you have weak lungs or consumption do not fail to be examined.  It will cost you nothing for a thorough examination.  Rember they treat all diseases and deformities.

Their new discovery of absorbing medicine by electricity in paralysis, loss of power, rheumatism and all diseases of the nervous system, is a Godsend to suffering humanity.  Medical men stand appalled at the marvelous cures that are being effected wherever this system has been introduced.  Thousands who have given up all hope of ever being cured now have an opportunity of a lifetime to consult without charge, doctors of a national reputation.  Remember that their knowledge of medicine combined with electricity, gives them control of disease that others do not possess.  If you have a weak eye, if you are hard of hearing, if you are lame and cannot walk, this new system will cure you quickly.

Don’t fail to call on these eminent specialists, as a visit will cost you nothing and may save your life.

If you suspect kidney trouble, bring a two ounce bottle of your urine for microscopic and chemical analysis.

Go early as their offices are always crowded.  If you are improving under your family physician do not come and take up our valuable time.  We wish to give each one plenty of time, but cannot listen to long stories not pertaining to your case.  The rich and poor alike are treated.  Idlers and curiosity seekers will please stay away.  Our time is valuable.

N. B. — Cancers, tumors, ulcers, all blood diseases, skin and scalp diseases cured by an entirely new method.  Piles cured in from five to thirty days without a knife. We make a specialty of diseases peculiar to either sex.  Young and middle age men suffering with spermatorrhea, weakness, loss of memory, etc.

Remember not one penny will be charged for medicine required to make a cure of all those taking treatment on this trip.

Office hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Positively, married ladies must be accompanied by their husbands.

Remember the date, Tuesday, May 1st, at Windsor Hotel.

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