Electricity is the Order of the Day

A letter to the editor from the April 15, 1915 Skidmore New Era, page 4:

From A Citizen.

Editor New Era.

Dear Sir: —

In keeping pace with the vital subjects of the day, electricity in Skidmore seems to be the one most important and it is indeed even a pleasure to think that the citizens of Skidmore are going to have an opportunity on the 27th of this month to show their loyal citizenship toward the betterment and upbuilding of our little city.

Heretofore Skidmore has always been at the front and on the 27th we are going to take another step higher, a step that is without cost to anyone in Skidmore, a step that will in so many ways be a benefit, not only to the citizens but in speaking well of the town, and it will also increase the value of our property, give us wonderful advantages that we have never had before in Skidmore in the way of power and illumination.

To you who have never had the pleasure of using electricity you cannot understand the many conveniences it affords.  But first of all we want to go to the polls on Tuesday, April the 27th with the one thought, that we are voting on a proposition that means a great deal more to the town than any other one we can vote on today, in reality there is but one other and that is water, but later on, in all probabilities, we are going to have a chance at that.  Electricity is the order of the day and electricity is what it must be.

Now if you will read carefully the two ordinances published in The New Era you cannot help but understand that it isn’t going to tax you.  These people are simply asking permission to come to Skidmore with the “juice” and you can take it or not, as you like, but I warrant you you will not be without it very long after it gets here.

We at least have the assurance that we can have a good light on the street corners, and you all know as well as I that our present light system has been very dissatisfactory, not alone to the people but to the city and if we get the electric lights we have this one grand assurance that we won’t have to carry our old “hay burner,” or in plain English our lantern around to find the way home.  I have talked to almost every business man in Skidmore and there isn’t a man in town, that isn’t willingly putting forth all his energy and influence toward this proposition, and if you doubt my statements look around.

If you are a loyal citizen and want to see the town advance with the times come out on Tuesday, April 27 and vote “yes.”  If you don’t you are going to be sorry of it as this, in all probabilities, will be the last “hitch” we will have at this golden opportunity, for many towns around us, a great deal smaller, that have taken up this electric light proposition and have voted for it unanimously — at Graham there was but one vote against the proposition and perhaps the man who voted against it is regretting that he did so.  But there are so many towns that are eager to have this metropolitan advantage that we cannot afford to be in the dark any longer, so the only way to be on the bright side is to come to the polls on Tuesday, April 27th and vote “yes” and show that you are a booster for Skidmore, it won’t cost you a cent, you are not obligating yourself and you will undoubtedly feel that you have done something toward the betterment of your home town without cost to you or anyone.

Come out on Tuesday, April 27 and show the town that you are a good fellow — vote “yes,” and remember you are not imposing a tax upon anybody, you are simply showing the Mound City Electric Light & Ice Co. that you welcome them to Skidmore with their industry.

Thanking The New Era for its space, I remain a supporter of the electric light proposition.  A Citizen.

From the April 29, 1915 New Era, page 6:

Electric Light Proposition Carried.

The election Tuesday resulted in granting a franchise to the Mound City Light and Ice Co. for a period of twenty years and a contract to light the city for a period of ten years.

The vote on the franchise was 96 for to 4 against and on the lighting contract was 97 for to 4 against.

The Company will at once proceed to construct their line and it will only be a few months until they will be in Skidmore.

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