Electric Shoe Store, 1920

The year 1920 brought a new business to Skidmore, Missouri: The Electric Shoe Shop. (We’re assuming it was named that because it had electric lights, but if anyone has evidence of a trend involving actual electric shoes, we want to know about it.)

First, there was the announcement from the December 25, 1919 Skidmore New Era:

Business Change
Ralph and Marvin Keiffer have purchased the Argo & Littler short order business. Ralph will have charge of the lunch room and Marvin will install an electric shoe repairing outfit and will also carry a small line of shoes in the east side of the building.

Then came the advertising. Here’s one from the January 22, 1920 Skidmore New Era:

Advertisement reads, "New Electric Shoe Shop ready for business.  The new Electric Shoe Shop, located in the Howden building is ready for business in any line they represent:  Repairing shoes of all kind, Cleaning, Pressing and repairing of all men, women and children's clothing, also we will send laundry once each week to Weems, goes on Tuesday and will return on Friday.  All work guaranteed.  Marvin E. Keiffer."
Skidmore (Missouri) New Era, January 22, 1920.

We were further delighted to learn that in 1920, Skidmore had two shoe shops. Here’s an ad for the non-electric (but always reliable) old reliable Shoe Shop, as seen in the January 15 edition of the New Era:

Advertisement reads, "The Old Reliable Shoe Shop.  The old reliable Shoe Shop, located upstairs, over the Bank of Skidmore, is equipped with all modern appliances and with years of experience as a source of knowledge upon which to draw, we are able to do anything along the shoe repairing line you might desire.  If you have a pair of faded shoes let me dye them for you. W. R. Fullerton."
Skidmore (Missouri) New Era, January 15, 1920.

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