Electric Lights Assured

Electrifying news from the June 10, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

Electric Lights Assured

E. W. Miller, president of the Mound City electric light and ice company, was here Monday and final arrangements were agreed upon for the extension of their line here.

As was stated in The New Era at the time, when the Mound City Co. first proposed to build here, they asked an advance loan sufficient to purchase material and construct the line to Skidmore, and as the city could not very well consider the proposition it was left to individual efforts to furnish the money.

While the city will pay for what “juice” it absorbs, it is to no expense getting the line here.

The following are the names of those who subscribed:

H. W. Montgomery – $300

J. E. Pierpoint – 300

J. O. Miller – 300

G. L. Owen – 300

W. S. Linville – 300

J. F. Kellogg – 300

M. A. Sewell – 300

W. J. Skidmore – 300

J. W. Weddle – 200

E. T. Duval – 100

A. C. Dodds – 100

F. H. Barrett – 100

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