Eggs and more eggs

In the Centenary Items column of the March 24, 1910 Skidmore New Era, the correspondent reported:
Mrs. W. G. Martin reports 1,119 eggs in eleven days. If any one can bet it, let’s hear from them.

They did. The April 6, 1910 Skidmore New Era said:

Got Her Beat.
Mr. Editor: I saw in the New Era where you said if anyone could beat Mrs. W. D. Martin, lets hear from them. I’ve got her egg story beat. In 10 days I got 1151 eggs, and my neighbor, Mrs. J. B. Goodwin, in 11 days, got 1470 eggs. Mrs. Goodwin always keeps count of her eggs, during the month of March, she got 3081. How is that for, “B. P. Rocks?” Mrs. Goodwin is a cousin of Mr. Elisha Culp and Mrs. J. E. Pierpoint.

Very truly,
Mrs. A. W. Bagby.

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