Easter Bunny Snowed Under

We’re bringing back a favorite bit of Easter weather news, as seen in the April 8, 1920 Skidmore News, page 1:

Easter Rabbit Snowed Under

The new Easter bonnets and Easter rabbits suffered quite a blow, when it began snowing Saturday morning about 10:00 o’clock, accompanied by a heavy wind. By noon things were beginning to look decidedly different than they had earlier in the morning, as the day had begun with one of the most “springy” mornings of the season. The grass looked unusually green, buds were opening on the trees, birds were singing and, well, those who hadn’t already secured their Easter bonnets were getting ready to make a trip to town immediately, to purchase one or else stay at home on Easter Sunday, for lack of one; but as we have already mentioned, a change had taken place and by noon it looked as if the weather man had made a dreadful mistake somehow.

By evening the air was so full of driven snow, and the streets so drifted that it was next to impossible to get from one building to another. The streets were practically deserted, except by those who absolutely had to brave the blizzard.

On Easter morning, we looked out upon “a world unknown.” Such drifts have not been seen in Skidmore for several years, and just think! all on an Easter morning.

Many a would-be church goer had to be content by peeping over the snow drifts from within his own house. There were drifts at least 6 ft. deep, and plenty of them. No one had occasion to be jealous of his next door neighbor, for it seems that no one had been slighted. By noon the walks were cleared enough in most of places to be used.

Sad are we to say that the little folks, who had planned to hunt for the Easter rabbit and his nest of pretty eggs, were disappointed, for he was completely snowed under, but just remember all of the Easter bonnets that had to stay at home, for fear of being frost bitten. The good sister who had been feeling blue, on Saturday morning, because she had no new bonnet, really had the laugh on the one who had the bonnet, but couldn’t wear it.

At any rate this was an unusual Easter, and we believe the most of us have had enough of its kind to last for several years.

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