Dunbar, Typo

Things aren’t all that easy these days for newspapermen, but as it turns out, things weren’t all that easy for them in 1899, either.  From the November 17, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Dunbar, “Typo.”

A stranger who was not a stranger – Mr. Dunbar, a traveling typo of the old school – was a caller at this office, Tuesday afternoon.  He arrived on the north bound freight.  His visit in this city was not due to any special desire to see the town or meet old acquaintances, but rather because the conductor objected to carrying him farther just for the pleasure of his company.  Dunbar explained that he arrived in town several cars ahead of the other passengers which is his usual manner of traveling and on passenger trains he always rides on the (blind) baggage coach ahead.  This mode of travel is not so pleasant in all kinds of weather as is the legitimate way but it is far less embarrassing to a man’s cash in pocket.  Dunbar, in speaking of himself, said it takes all kinds of people to make a world and that he rather enjoys his mode of living.  He had bright prospects when a young man but a failure to profit by them has made him a living example for other young men to profit by.

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