Driving Difficulties

We thought driving a car was hard enough.  From the April 19, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

While out for a drive and to exercise the team belonging to the firm of Garnett & Joel, Lewis Garnett and W. R. Joel assisted by the team created excitement enough to last for a few minutes, especially to Messrs Garnett and Joel.  The team is a very high spirited one and driving them is a very tiresome job.  Nick became tired of holding them and in transposing the lines to Mr. Joel they became slacked.  The team took advantage of the opportunity and started to run near Rev. D. W. Conner’s residence and continued to run until they reached the corner of Elm and Walnut streets where they were stopped.  No particular damage was done.  The boys said it was a swift ride but not very pleasant.

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