Driving Age

A little investigative reporting from the January 17, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Is There Any Age Limit To Auto Driving?

Some time ago there was an item going round of the press which among other things stated somewhat to the effect that any one under 18 years of age was prohibited from driving an automobile or motor vehicle of any kind.  Well, that would be pretty hard on the boys under 18 who have been driving cars.  The News is not a lawyer, but our News boy has read the motor vehicle law as passed by the legislature in 1917 and is unable to find anything prohibiting anyone under 18 from driving a car only as a chauffeur.  A chauffeur has to obtain a license and no one under 18 years will be granted a license as a chauffeur.

So boys and girls too, the News thinks you can drive a car as you have been doing.

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